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    Not expecting, just love collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 23 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

    Girl names: Juliet Elaine, Madeleine ?, Marie Anneliese, Linnea Carys, Stella Vivienne, Emilia Noelle, Clara Felicity, Violet Elizabeth, Lydia Violet, Elaine Victoria, Evelyn Hope

    Boy names: Jonathan Rhys, Wesley Judah, Evan ? Joel Dominic, Quinn Patrick, Dawson Cole, Judah Nathaniel, Rhys Jeremiah, Roman Gabriel, Lachlan Jude

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    You could look up international variations of Daniel or Charles on this site. I believe it's on the bottom of the entry after you do a Super Search. Another option would be doing doing also a Super Search for part of the name like Dan or Carl. It could you some other ideas.
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    Dashiell combines a lot of sounds and letters from Daniel and Charles both, and would fit in well with the set.

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    What about Damon Charles? I think it works with his siblings' names nicely as it isn't extremely familiar but it has a recognizable way about it
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    Ozias D.C.
    Finnegan D.c.
    Orion D.C.
    Colman D.C.
    Odin D.C.

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