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    I have a little red headed cousin named Asha. I don't think it's too ethnic at all. It works on anyone really. In regards to Larkub101 -- my cousin says it Ash-uh.

    I think it's very striking and Asha Genevieve is a gorgeous combo! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Asha is very pretty and I don't think you should be concerned about it sounding too ethnic. I think it's great when people celebrate their heritage! Asha Genevieve is a lovely combo.

    Just FYI, ASHA is the acronym used for the national organization that certifies my profession (American Speech-Language Hearing Association.) So for most speech pathologists and audiologists, the name Asha immediately brings to mind ASHA. I'm sure that probably doesn't bother you, but I thought I'd let you know that association is there, (not that it's a bad one!)
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    I think Asha Genevieve is absolutely beautiful! And I think the fact that it happens to sound 'ethnic' is a non-issue! It's probably one of my favorite combos as of late! I would say use it, definitely.
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    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!! I absolutely adore Asha Genevieve (I like the ah-shuh pronunciation) and I'm going to keep fighting for it, especially since DH hasn't actually offered any alternative suggestions. I suspect/hope he's mostly nervous about the finality of making a decision

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