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    I think it's a beautiful name, but it's extremely popular. I have a friend who named her daughter Ava Rose. Yawn. Ava Rosamund would've been x1000 better. I'd never choose Ava myself, both because of its popularity and because of my friend's daughter.
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    Pretty (nick)name, doesn't sound strong enough to be a viable fn on my list, but each to their own.
    Also, some in the UK drop their Hs, and it reminds me of 'ave a banana' of cockney fame ('ave a' = 'Ava') :-/

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    I have never heard or met an Ava even though it was the fourth most popular girls' name last year in Scotland. I honestly don't mind it but I already think of it as a little dated.

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    Ava is beautiful. The only reason I would shy away from it is it's popularity.
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