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    Question Your thoughts on Ava?

    I've recently found myself loving the name Ava. I know it's wildly popular and even trendy right now according to the numbers, (although I've never met one), but I love the short, sweet, feminine-without-trying-too-hard sound, and the fact that if I had it on my list it would honour loved ones. So... what's the general berry consensus on Ava?

    Also, middle name suggestions would be nice

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    I love Ava - its a beautiful name and one we considered for our second son, the only minus for me is the popularity. It was nr 8 in 2012 and for me thats just a tad too popular. But other than that its a beautiful classic, well worth loving!

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    I totally love Ava and that was one of our choices but have met quite a few little Ava's recently so have decided against using it as I wanted something original Beautiful name though.

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    I love it and I've never met a little Ava - although I do know it's quite popular. For me, like the people above me, the only minus is that it has become so popular. I personally prefer names that aren't as heard of or common. However, if it wasn't in the top 10, it would definitely be one of my favourites.

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    I hate it. Which is odd, because I like Amy, Ada, and Ivy, which are admittedly pretty similar-ish.

    It's not the popularity - I like more popular names - I just hate it. Somethng about the sound. I wouldn't let popularity deter me if I liked a name enough, especially one with family connection.

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