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  • Ingrid

    28 28.28%
  • Imogen

    50 50.51%
  • Indigo

    21 21.21%
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    Imogen definitely. I'm biased though because we have a little Imogen

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    I DESPISE Imogen. It reminds me of an engine for some reason? Also it just sounds like a drunk person slurring "imagine", hate it.
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    Ingrid! A strong and beautiful Scandinavian name with a lot of great namesakes. It's one of my own absolute favourites.

    As for the other two, I find Imogen slightly odd-sounding but not horrific (though it'll never be a name I'd choose myself), and Indigo reminds me too much of the boys name Inigo which is very high on my own list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anotherkate View Post
    I'm curious to hear which was yours, his, and the compromise. I'd guess his was indigo, yours ingrid, and Imogen the compromise
    His was Indigo! He loves it. He sees it as a little dark and artsy and in keeping with his other favourites like Winter, Luna, Briar, and Raven.

    Mine was Imogen. I really like it. It's fairly well-known here (Australia) but not Top 20 or anything, and I like the Shakespearean quality and the nicknames Immy and Gen.

    The compromise is Ingrid. We both kind of like it but not as much as our respective favourites. It isn't frilly but it isn't masculine. Neither of us is even SLIGHTLY Scandinavian though, and we're trying to picture a dark-haired Ingrid? Not sure how to feel about it, or if its pretentious. Freya made the jump to general Brit-Aussie but Ingrid less so.

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