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  • Ingrid

    28 28.28%
  • Imogen

    50 50.51%
  • Indigo

    21 21.21%
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    Jan 2013
    This was quite a hard post for me due to liking two names alot and the other one has been growing on me lately
    I picked Ingrid. I feel like this name can grow better than the other two. I picture a sweet and strong girl/woman.
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    Imogen is my favourite by far.

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    Honestly, I really don't like any of them. I did pick ingrid because. It is the name I dislike the least. Similar to those, I do do like India and Indira. My favorite "I" names are Iris, Ivy, and Isla.
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    I love all three names, middles for hypothetical triplets. Imogen is my favorite because it is most usual, and has best meaning.

    Imogen- more classic, deeper history. Meaning=beloved child, like this

    Indigo- really different style, more modern. Word name

    Ingrid- pretty, a bit clunky? Meaning= Ing's ride
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    Sorry, Ingrid is too foreign. Indigo is too hippyish.
    Imogen is very lovely and has adorable nicknames. Immy, Idgie, Mo, even Ginny or Genie depending on how you are pronouncing it. There is also Imogene.

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