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    Also, Arwen (maybe I will use it...) Ewoyn, Eirwen, Eira, Aphrodite, Hypatia, Portia, Cerulean, Nameera, Merida, Denali, Everest (this one might be usable too)

    Love Marina but DH has vetoed
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    Alaska!! I cannot imagine finding a name whose sound I love as much as Alaska

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    Evening is the only name on it's own that I like and never would use

    Eira Snow is a combo that is just lovely, but since it comes off as repetitive to those who know what Eira means, I could never use it

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    Marie-Bonaparte, definitely a guilty pleasure name which wouldn't be sustainable in real life, but oh how I love it; Alatáriel and Rhaenys, a tad too literary but definitely workable as middles; Vilhelmiinannguaq, not pronounceable to people who don't know Kalaallisut.
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    Right now I love both Vesper and Coraline but I am not sure if I am brave enough to use them given their pop culture references.
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