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    Beautiful names! Francesca Rosalind is probably my favourite.

    Regarding Cosima Delphine, those are the names of two lovers on Orphan Black. Dr. Who fans will probably pick up on that right away. It sucks, I know, because they go so well together.

    Have you ruled out Cosima Rosalind? Because I think that that is also lovely.
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    I had no idea about the Dr. Who association. Thanks for the heads up!

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    I LOVE these names! Rosalind is my favorite first name by far, then Cosima, then Georgia, then Francesca. But Rosalind is amazing, and it has the connection to Linda that is personal to you. Favorite combinations:
    1. Rosalind Faye
    2. Rosalind Lucia
    3. Cosima Louise
    4. Cosima Rosalind
    5. Rosalind Anais
    6. Rosalind Delphine
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    I adore the name Rosalind! Either Rosalind Anais or Rosalind Delphine is my favorite.

    Other combos I like: Georgia Mae, Georgia Marceline and Cosima Delphine (though I did think of the lovers...that's why I'd rank this one a little lower).

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