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    What do you think of Sapphire

    I think Sapphire is an underused gem. I love the nn Saffi. I'm not sure that I am brave enough to use Sapphire as a first, but maybe as a middle. Genevieve Sapphire?
    Anyway, why do you think?
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    I'm not the biggest fan, but that's probably because I really like Sapphira (sah-FEAR-ah). To me, it's just a little too attached to the gem, whereas a gem like Ruby is also an established name. Genevieve Sapphire is alright, but the flow is a little odd in my ear. I think Genevieve Sapphira is a gorgeous alternative.
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    Sapphire seems a bit too much like an "exotic dancer" name to me.

    I like the suggestion of Genevieve Sapphira though.
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    I agree with the PP about it being an exotic dancer name. It sounds like a stage name rather than an actual name. I saw a little girl name Dynasty Sapphire the other day and I was a little horrified.

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    I agree with pps; it kind of sounds like a name you would hear on Toddlers and Tiaras or Dance Moms. If you like the nickname Saffi, what about the name Saffron?

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