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View Poll Results: Which Alice Middle?

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  • Alice Fiona

    13 21.67%
  • AliceHermione

    15 25.00%
  • Alice Marceline

    9 15.00%
  • Alice Matilda

    22 36.67%
  • Alice Tabitha

    1 1.67%
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    Which Alice Middle?

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    I was between Alice Hermione and Alice Matilda for me. I went with Alice Hermione, but it only won by an inch.

    I think Alice Fiona would be cute too, but it doesn't feel like a full name for some reason, maybe because I see Alice and Fiona as first names only? It just doesn't feel complete.

    I don't think Alice Tabitha flows very well, though I love Tabitha. Same deal with Marceline; also, Alice Marceline is really heavy on a lot of S, EE and L noises, and it feels repetitive.

    P.S. Even though I criticized them a bit, I would love to see these names on a little girl. I think we have similar taste in girls names! The only girl name in your signature that isn't on my list is Susan.

    P.P.S. Glad to see some love for Hiram!

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    I quite like Alice Hermione. I agree with the above poster, some of the combos like Alice Marcheline and Alice Tabitha don't flow that well.
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    I chose Alice Matilda, but you could easily choose Alice Fiona or Alice Hermione. They all have the same syllable count, which contrasts with Alice. Alice Marcheline and Alice Tabitha don't flow as nicely because the emphasis is on the first syllable in both names (AL-ice MAR-che-line and AL-ice TA-bith-a). The other names have their emphasis on the second syllable (e.g. AL-ice ma-TIL-da, AL-ice fi-O-na and AL-ice her-MIO-ne) if you catch my drift
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    Alice Matilda sounds perfect. It flows well. Alice is spunky and strong. Matilda is spunky too, but it adds that bit of sweetness which just makes the name perfect in my opinion.
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