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    What do you think of Hannah?

    I found out I'm having a girl. What do you think of the name Hannah? What are some good middle names? Is it too popular?

    I like Hannah Faith. Does this sound good together?

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    I think Hannah is a simple, beautiful name. I have known a couple Hannahs throughout my lifetime. I would not say it is too popular, at least in the states I have lived in. I think Hannah Faith is a very nice combo.
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    I adore Hannah, especially because it's meaning. Hannah Faith is a nice, sweet combo.
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    Another Hannah lover here! Sometimes I get the feeling that it's too popular and it's been too popular for years, and therefore feels overdone and tired, but then I remind myself of all the lovely reasons I lovelovelove Hannah, and then I'm in love all over again. Plus, my nn of choice (Annie!) makes it feel a bit fresher. Annie is a lot less common than Hannah in full, I think.

    Hannah means the same thing as my grandmother's MN (Grace), and there was this mother's day programme at my church years ago, where someone compared all the mothers in our church to mothers in the Bible, and they called my mom "Hannah". They said she was so selfless and was so passionate about dedicating her children to God, just like Hannah did with Samuel in the Bible. That always stuck with me, and I love the very special ties with Hannah to the two most important women in my life. But I think it's just a great name in general--I would love to meet another Hannah! There's a Hannah in my church and she's very sweet.

    I've never been the biggest Faith fan, but Hannah Faith is nice. I would go for something a bit more unexpected (Hannah Zoe Lenore or Hannah Lenore Claire will be my combo), but it is nice.

    Good luck!
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    Hannah is gorgeous and not super popular anymore. I think it's a great, timeless choice.
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