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    I love Jack but...

    Hello everyone! I've been a lurker here for a while now but just decided to finally register. And with that, I'd like to get some opinions on this...

    I love Jack Everett for a boy. LOVE it. And my husband's name is John, so that Jack is the diminutive of John makes it even more perfect. But I'm a little concerned about that fact that both my husband and I each have a sister named Jacqueline, and they both go by Jackie. Is that too many Jacks in the family? We'd talk to our sisters about it, and I honestly don't think either would care. They're both very laid back women. But it too much? Too confusing? Or is it flattering using a family name, even if it was more coincidence than anything?

    I also like William Everett and Sage Alexander, though not really as much as Jack right now.

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    I'd use it and tell the aunties it was in their honor ;-)

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    What about using another form of John like Ian or Sean?
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    I think it's fine. They're different generations, and you can think of it as honoring them.

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    I know more babies named Jack than any other boys name. So for me I say go with another option.

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