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    I disagree that Grace, Rose and Marie are filler middle names. I think they are lovely! You don't want something too crazy for a middle name if you have a long first name. Just my opinion. I love Claire and Carleigh (although I do think spelling it Carly would be less confusing).

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    Only one I like is Claire Faith and even then I think having two one syllable names together doesn't work. Clara Faith or Faith Clara would be perfect IMO.

    I don't like the spelling Carleigh. Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes. Pure and simple Carly is much nicer, but still nms.
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    Claire Faith would be my pick. Not enough Claire's in the world. :-) 2nd pick would be Carleigh but with Rose.

    Quote Originally Posted by blessedmommajennie View Post
    Hello all! I am due August 2nd with my first child. It's a little girl! My husband and I have put together this list of our favorite names:

    -Finley Marie

    -Carleigh Bronwyn

    -Claire Faith

    -Makiya Grace

    -Logan Rose

    Please give me your HONEST opinions. I'd also love to hear any suggestions you have. Thank you!

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    My personal favorites are Finley Marie and Logan Rose. Actually, Finley Rose is on my list! If you like unisex names for girls, I would say go for it. Especially since you're using girlier middles to balance them out

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    I don't love any of them to be honest. If I had to pick I'd go with Carleigh Bronwyn

    Or mixing and matching Claire Bronwyn.
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