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    I have a super professional and successful friend named Miciah- I think the pronunciation you're going for?
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    Logan Rose or Carleigh Bronwyn, in my opinion

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    I like Finley for a girl... I really dislike Claire i don't. Like how Carly is spelled and Makaya would be. Ok if it wasn't spelled so crazy.. Logan is a boys name

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    -Finley Marie-Finley is acceptable, Marie is a filler.

    -Carleigh Bronwyn-Carleigh just looks like a tryndee spelling of Carly. Also reminds me of beer. Bronwyn is lovely although you have chosen the masculine spelling. I would choose Bronwen for a girl.

    -Claire Faith-Two perfectly acceptable names that do not flow together

    -Makiya Grace-Makiya looks tryndee. Grace is a filler.

    -Logan Rose-Logan is OK. Rose is a filler.

    Here are some suggestions. I would suggest you move some of you mn's to the front:

    Bronwen Claire
    Bronwen Grace [if you are OK with a filler]
    Rosa Faith

    [ Alba Jessamy ] [Edie Oceane ][ Emeline Hope ]
    [ Samson Hugo ][ Igor John ][ Ingo Julius ][ Toby Nathaniel ]
    [ Julia Robin ][ Kitty Johanna ][ Llio Kerensa ]

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    The only one I'd entertain is Claire Faith.

    Finley and Logan are boy names.
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