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    Finley Marie - I've never met a little Finley, but at first glance it looks more like a girl's name than a boy's name. I think it's nice and perfectly usable. I also think Finley Makiya would be pretty if you wanted to use Finley but also honor your grandmother.

    Carleigh Bronwyn - Carly isn't my favorite name in general but I actually kind of like it with the Carleigh spelling. It seems classier to me, not made up like people have been saying. I love the combination of Carleigh and Bronwyn. They look nice together. Of course people would always be spelling Carleigh wrong because it is a more unusual form of the name, as others have mentioned. So I think that is one of the biggest downsides of this otherwise lovely name.

    Claire Faith - Someone else mentioned and I agree that it would flow better if one of these names had two syllables, instead of both of them having just one. It feels a little blunt. If your last name is long it might work fine though.

    Makiya Grace - This is so pretty and the fact that it is your grandmother's name gives it another dimension.

    Logan Rose - Logan does seem like too much a boy's name to me, but if that is your thing I'm sure it would work perfectly fine.
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    Finley Marie ~ It's okay, not a very stand out name. Finley just seems so much like a boy name to me and Marie is so plain, there's no pop to the name!

    Carleigh Bronwyn ~ Honestly I love both these names! That spelling of Carly has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and Bronwyn is such a cool and different name, very unique! I love Carleigh Bronwyn, but what about naming her Charlotte Bronwyn and calling her Carleigh?

    Claire Faith ~ Just with Finley Marie, it's just too plain and generic.

    Makiya Grace ~ If I'm being brutally honest, I hate it. Please don't name your child Makiya.

    Logan Rose ~ Once again too plain and though I do love Logan for a girl, try spicing it up with a unique middle name! What about naming her Logan Ava or Logan Amelia?


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    I am agreeing with most of the posters. The only first name I would consider from your list is Claire. I don't like Faith in the middle. I would go 2 or 3 syllables. Claire Bronwyn
    Claire Finley
    Claire Marie

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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    Brutally honest? Ok. Here goes.

    Finley Marie - not a fan at all. Finley is of the trendy, last-name-as-girl's-first-name stripe that I can't stand, and Marie is a filler middle.

    -Carleigh Bronwyn - What's wrong with Carly? The trendy spelling makes an otherwise unremarkable name slightly cringe-inducing. I really like Bronwyn. Why not use that as a first?

    Claire Faith - Claire is great! Faith is also nice, but way too similar in sound. Claire Bronwyn would be better.

    Makiya Grace - Makiya sounds made-up and she'll have to spell it/explain the pronunciation her whole life, Grace is a filler.

    Logan Rose - Logan is trendy on a boy, and almost obnoxious on a girl. Rose is also a filler middle, but still very pretty. Why not use it as a first?

    Sorry if this sounds rude. You did say brutally honest!
    I totally agree with this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blessedmommajennie View Post
    Thanks for all of your opinions so far!

    I forgot to say, I decided to add Makiya to the list because it was my grandmother's name.
    don't tell your grandmother about this thread! it's great that it has family significance, I think the spelling just looks a bit off. If she never had too much trouble with it then I think honoring her is great. Or you could always switch up the spelling a bit to your own twist, still honoring her. I have ancestors who for generations used Lola/Lula/Lila etc names, tweaking it each generation.

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