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    Looking for opinions. Alan and Clark

    I've been on here looking for opinions/advice a couple of times this pregnancy, and y'all have been wonderful! Now that I'm down to a couple of months before baby number four arrives, it's time to get serious.

    Last name sounds like the girls name, "Becca". Siblings will be Jack(son), Nola, and Lucy. Husband and I can agree on Alan and Clark for the new offspring. I'm fine with the final decision being after he is born, but would love to hear some pros/cons/opinions on these names as well as which is preferred. Middle names are family names.

    Clark William--I like how this looks on paper, initials honor my dad, I love how the one syllable and 'ck' thing tie the boys together (we pretty much call Jackson "Jack" exclusively). I also like that it's kind of clunky, but hate the way it's sometimes pronounced too much like 'clerk' and am scared that it is more recognizable as a last name, leading to confusion with Becca as a last name--we've had this issue with Jack.

    Alan James or Alan John or Alan Francis--I love the sound of this name, the way the four letters tie it to the other kids, and the name meaning. I also love the simplicity of the nickname "Al" and think it is super cute with Lucy's nn, "Lu"--like they could open a auto mechanic shop or something together. I like that this spelling is a recognized first name, though I do not like the fact that there are multiple spellings. I worry that it's too dated and I don't know if it flows as well as Clark William.

    So, any thoughts/feelings/opinions on our final two? I like both of these names, but I guess I'm just looking for something to sway me to LOVING one of them. The end of my novel. Thanks in advance!

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    Clark William > Alan James. You mentioned all the pluses of it while Alan's still up in the air when it comes to middle names. Why don't you stop looking since you already found what you're looking for? Congrats.
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    I think you are exactly right. I've had too much time on my hands lately and started second guessing. Clark William was actually the first name we agreed on, before we even knew the sex of the baby.
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