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    Quote Originally Posted by eriwriter View Post
    First letter is P. It's two syllables.
    I'd nix Samuel as a middle Asa Samuel P-? Asp is a type of snake.
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    But snakes are cool...

    I'm not into it. Pronounced Ass-uh or Ah-suh? I get that it isn't the word, but the sound just doesn't work for me either way.

    I like Asa James, though; it looks and sounds the best. Asa might be two syllables, but it's only three letters. James is nice and short, but just a bit longer; it creates a balanced combination on paper and in sound.
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    If pronounced uh-suh(not ass-uh), the name hasn't got teasing potential. Despite its -a ending, Asa sounds strong and masculine. I really like Asa Benjamin and Asa James, AJ or Ace may be a cool nickname.
    Some other middle name ideas:
    Asa Crispin
    Asa Benedict
    Asa Gideon
    Asa Zebedee (if you, like me, find AZ initials rather cool).
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    I really like the name Asa, but no one in my family seems to get as excited about it as I do. I love the biblical link and the fact that it has always been in top 1000. It is rising in popularity, but it has been doing so slowly (it is only #562). I think that this makes it unique enough that your child will probably not have any classmates with this name, but it is still a very recognizable name. I like Asa James the best out of your options.
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    I didn't realize Asa was such a hard name to pronounce. The English pronunciation is AY-suh, similar to Ace but with an -a on the end.

    I don't think Asa sound "too feminine" at all. My favorite combo is Asa Benjamin.
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