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  • Cora

    26 41.27%
  • Coral

    8 12.70%
  • Coraline

    29 46.03%
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    Ooh, this is a tricky one since I love Cora and Coraline equally. I know of someone called Cora, nicknamed Coraline, but I think if you use Coraline, you can get both Cora and Coral, so I guess then you can have all three...

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    Coraline! It has the option of using the other two as nns, plus the Coraline song in the movie is too cute.
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    I have not seen the movie, so maybe I should do that .

    Thank you all btw!

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    Use Coraline! It's a beautiful name and she can still be called Cora and/or Coral occasionally.

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    I definitely vote Cora, or even Coralie. I think I'm in the namberry minority in that I don't really care for Coraline. It was made up just 10 years ago and is just too tied to the book/movie.

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