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Thread: welcoming twins

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    Talking welcoming twins

    my friends just had twins!!!
    Henry Thomas & Jenna Marie
    Married my bestfriend 5/11/13
    Angel Baby Riley Bean 8/13
    Mama to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20/14

    Bow ties & Top hats

    Beck Padrig(Patrick)
    Solomon Jace/Ashley
    Friedan Henri
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Nashua Hartley

    Bows & Pearls

    Flannery Liora
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Quinlyn Riley/Ruth
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    Gorgeous names! :-)

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    Congratulations to your friend! Henry Thomas and Jenna Marie are lovely. (That rhymed!)

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    I actually have a friend named Jenna Marie! Such nice names, but a bit different from each other, I wouldn't have paired Henry and Jenna but congratulations!
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    Red face Jenna Marie!

    Quote Originally Posted by ilovenames89 View Post
    my friends just had twins!!!
    Henry Thomas & Jenna Marie
    MY name is Jenna Marie! You can tell your friend she picked a good one - served me well for 27 years

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