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    Question middle name for Justin...

    hey my wife's having a boy in a two months and we want to name him Justin but cant decide on a middle name. we names like Lincoln, Tyler, Taylor, Grayson/greyson, mason, and Levi. we worry with greyson because of our last name being Wolfe. Do you have any suggustions? this is our second child. Our first child was named Oliver Ethaniel but he passes due to SIDS at three weeks old. we want to combine Oliver, my dad's name, in some way.

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    Congratulations! And I'm very sorry for your loss. Justin Oliver would honor both your first son and father, or Justin Olivier is more individualistic. All your choices are solid (though I'm not a fan of Mason or its over-popularity).

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    Oh goodness, I'm so sorry about your first son. I'm glad you guys have been given a second chance to be parents. Justin Oliver is a very cute name. Or if you want to give him 2 middle names I like the combo Justin Drew.... So, how about Justin Oliver Drew?
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    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. All your middle names seem to be last names. Why don't you look under list of surnames on this site? I'll link it for you:

    This one's surname favorites:

    To honor your late son, I'd do Super Search of boy names that contain "Oli". It would be a subtle way to say that he is literally a part of your second child.
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    we do want two kiddle names, Oliver being one. but we do not want drew because of justin bieber. we dont like him for various reasons so we dont want drew because of both him that its part of his name and we dont like the name.

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