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    I don't think Bible for any of these except Adam. Mark is very mainstream, I'm not sure why I don't associate Micah the Bible immediately, and Ezra just seems like a grandpa name (in a good, cool way!).
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Mark- no more classic
    Ezra- no
    Micah- yes
    Adam- yes

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    Ezra and Micah, yes. Mark and Adam, no. I agree with ashthedreamer, Mark and Adam skew classic in my mind where as Ezra and Micah are slightly more obscure and therefore more directly attached to the bible in my mind.

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    Mark - Yes
    Ezra - I never heard this name until Nameberry and I went to a Christian school for 6 years, oops XD
    Micah - No
    Adam - Yes

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    No, I don't I just think 'great names'.

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