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    Georgia for our fourth?

    We are searching for our fourth childs name. We have three other children Caleb, Magdalyn, and Evangeline. We are thinking Georgia but we have some concerns. We live in Massachusetts and are worried it may be too southern to fit in. We also want the name to flow well with the other kids names. I was initially drawn to Georgia because my great grandfather name was George and we were very close before he passed. I know its a Greek name but that's not a problem since I am Greek. Other thing is hubby wants the middle name to be Jeanne after his grandmother. Is Georgia Jeanne too much?
    Thanks for your answers

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    I love Georgia Jeanne. The pairing of both "Juh" sounding names is catchy and rarely used without sounding corny.... but Georgia Jeanne has a nice ring to it in my opinion. The only possible setback is it's wide connotation as a location. Make sure you're totally cool with everything about Georgia (the place not the name) to be sure it's a keeper.

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    What about Georgina Jeanne?

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    I actually really like it! Georgia Jeanne sounds fine, in my opinion. I'd only be hesitant if your last name has an 'j' sounds in it. Haha. Very nice!
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    I generally dislike alliterating names, but I have to admit, Georgia Jeanne is pretty snazzy. I don't think it's too southern or "out there"; the name Magdalyn you've already chosen is much less popular.

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