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Thread: Alia or Aria?

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    Alia or Aria?

    Aria I loved, but then I had some minor issues with it and came across Alia.

    I say Alia as "ah-lay-ah", instead of "ah-lee-ah" as in Aaliyah or "ahl-yah" as in rhyming with Dahlia.

    I also don't particularly view Alia as a variant of Aliyah either. For some reason I feel like it's a variant of Alice/Alison & Co.

    Also, with the pronunciation of ah-lay-ah, the nn "Leya" would be likely, but I'm not sure how to spell it in this case. Leya? Leia? Laia?

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    Well, I wouldn't spell it Alia if you want that pronunciation. Even if it is a legitimate pronunciation of that spelling (where?) you'll get nothing but Al-ee-uh.

    Aleia is my favorite alternate spelling, so nn Leia.

    Are you pronouncing Aria Ah-ray-uh as well? If so, I prefer Aleia. If not, I prefer Aria.
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    i prefer Aria in the first place, but its also going to be easier for people to spell instead of having your daughter have to spell Alia out every time she says it as well as saying i go by Lia short for Alia etc. if you have to use Alia, use a different spelling so people have a better shot at getting it right.

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    Aria. Or Ahl-ee-uh.

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    Aria, because I've never heard of Alia or Aleia or Alaya, and plus the spelling/pronunciation is completely confusing.

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