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    Elliot(t) is used on girls but it's far more common on boys.

    Elisabeth and Elliott make a nice set.
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    Elliot is a nice name for a boy. It doesn't suit girls and I "blame" TV series "Scrubs" for this bad idea.
    Elisabeth and Elliot go great together and the "E" theme is cool.
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    If I used Elisabeth and Elliott, would I be stuck with the E- or El- names after that? Would it be weird to have a third child with a non- E name?
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    I love Elliott (for boys). The fact that it is being used for girls concerns me also, but I think I would still use it. Elliot and Elizabeth are nice together. I don't think you are stuck with an El name for a third child, but if you had Elliott, Elizabeth and Elijah, then I think you would be stuck continuing the trend for a fourth.

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    I have recently been smitten by Elliot/Elliott. I think it is absolutely wonderful. I think that Elliot and Elisabeth would be a darling sibset, but if you used Elisabeth as a middle name there really is no need to worry.
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