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    Pronunciation of Demi?

    Is it like DEH-mee like Demi Levato or duh-MEE like Demi Moore? These are the ways I've heard most with these celebrities but it probably varies. They're the only people I know with the name so the two different pronunciations make it hard to decide which is the correct one. Thoughts?
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    I think both pronunciations are correct, it is a preference thing. Like some people like Ariana as Ahr-ee-awna and other like it Air-ee-awna.
    I prefer Deh-mee.
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    Well, the French word "demi" (meaning "half") is pronounced duh-MEE or deh-MEE. I'm not fluent in French but I've taken it for years at school. As a name though, I tend to pronounce it DEM-ee like Lovato. My sister was obsessed with her for awhile... I think you could use whichever pronunciation you preferred.
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    I know two teenage girls with the name, both pronounce it DEM-ee, as in Lovato.


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    I guess technically if you're attempting to shorten Demetria (Duh-MEE-tree-uh), it would be pronounced Duh-MEE. This sounds awkward and clunky, at least to me, which probably led to the stress on the first syllable with DEH-mee. While this isn't the greatest example, it's sort of like if you were going to shorten Josiah (Jo-SI-uh), you would probably gravitate toward JO-see rather than Jo-SI. I'd go with the DEH-mee pronounciation.

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