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    Will it be mispronounced?

    In my area, Madeline is pronounced with the lyn ending. I know there are really two correct ways to pronounce this name. Do you think my daughter will constantly have to tell ppl how to say the name (if we end up using it!). Thanks!

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    Maybe, but I don't think that's the worst problem in the world. There are 2 ways to pronounce my daughter's name, too. There are actually lots of names like that. I just correct people (or not, depending on the situation). It's not that hard to say "we pronounce it _____." You only have to tell people once usually.

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    I would have said Mad-uh-line..

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    Are you wanting to pronounce Madeline the same way that it is usually pronounced in your area? If you are, then obviously you probably wouldn't have to correct people very often. If you are wanting to pronounce it the other way, then you would probably just correct people the first time they said it the other way and be done with it. Like thatkathryngirl said, there are plenty of names with multiple ways to pronounce it. I don't think it would be a big issue.
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    To me, the pronunciation of Madeline/Madeleine depends on the spelling. Madeleine ends in an ehn and Madeline ends in a long I sound, so you should be safe.

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