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    I think both names are ridiculous, but Cricket is way worse than Birdie.

    I've never really understood the whole 'not for a Supreme Court Justice' thing. I think it misses the point: these names are silly for any grown adult woman. It doesn't matter what her job is. They're kind of cute up until about the age of ten, at the most....which is a fraction of the poor person's lifespan.

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    I love Cricket - I'm just happy to hear it used. I love Birdie Lee too - Lee in the middle has always sounded so romantic to me, probably because of the poem Annabelle Lee. And Birdie is just adorable.

    I hate the pairing of 2 word names (and Pearl in the middle seems like the new Rose to me, as lovely as it is), and the fact that they have matchy/animal names. But as celebrity kids they're more acceptable.

    But hey, that's the benefit of naming children as a celebrity. There's far more leeway because people expect the crazy.
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    I would never use them, but I actually think both are cute nickname names.

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    Well the middles are okay.

    I have no idea who this woman is but I know I don't admire her taste. Birdie (and Cricket?) would be a very cute nickname for a kid -boy or girl- regardless of their first name, but it's not great on its own. And they could turn out the most intelligent and lovely people ever but, like a PP, I cannot imagine Birdie or Cricket as a high-flying lawyer, rocket scientist or CEO. Or in any career, for that matter.

    I'm having the most trouble with Cricket. It's a sport! Granted, it's not popular in N. America, but it's the first thing I think of whenever I see that name, probably because I'm a cricket nut. I'm watching The Ashes right now! Cricket?! It just makes no sense. Try to imagine a British couple calling their daughter Baseball Pearl- that's the feeling I get.
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    Wow. Cheesy. I don't mind Birdie and Cricket, but as nicknames only! Way too cutesy!

    @charlieandperry - I think of the sport, too! I'm watching the Ashes as well. How about that Agar? lol
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