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    I'm bothered by the fact that a birdie could eat a cricket. LOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatkathryngirl View Post
    I'm bothered by the fact that a birdie could eat a cricket. LOL!

    Exactly! That made me laugh like crazy.
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    There have been a couple shows I lately that take place in the American South (Hart of Dixie and one other one, can't remember what it was) that had characters named Cricket. I assumed it was a nickname for something. I'll never be able to think about those two sisters without picturing a birdie eating a cricket now!!! Too funny!

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    I actually really like Cricket, although I'd use it as a nickname, not a middle name. I too am slightly disturbed by the bird/cricket food chain issue, though.
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    I don't like the names..too far out for me.

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