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  • Alexis

    12 11.32%
  • Emily ("Em")

    29 27.36%
  • Erica

    12 11.32%
  • Rachel

    34 32.08%
  • Other... please suggest!

    19 17.92%
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    Alexis, Emily, Erica, Rachel... or something else?

    We *may* have narrowed our girl name list down to these 4 names. Which would you choose, given that we already have a Lillian (who goes by Lily) and that our last name sounds like Hoffmen?

    Also, please keep in mind that I don't like the nickname Lexy for Alexis, so if nicknamed would hope it is something like Ally (and definitely not Sexy Lexy... ugh).
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    I adore Rachel & Lillian as a sibset, and also think that it works well with your last name.
    I'd definitely avoid Alexis if you strongly dislike the nickname Lexi since I know several people named Alexis and all of them have either gone as Lexi or been dubbed Lexi by various other friends.
    Emily sounds far too similar to Lillian for me, and Erica doesn't really go at all.

    Other suggestions: Mabel (my favorite!), Hanna, Annika nn Anna, Milena, Sydney, Amelia, Kate, Anneliese.
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    Ahh, I love Rachel! I think Lillian and Rachel/Lily and Rachel are very sweet together (and not only because Liliana and Rachel are both on my own list!), and Rachel Hoffmen sounds lovely. Emily would be my second choice, but I like Rachel so much more, on so many levels. Do you have a MN picked out yet? Maybe something along the lines of Rachel Emily/Rachel Emma/Rachel Emmeline/Rachel Emilia?
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    Rachel! Erica and Alexis feel too dated. Emily is good too, but I think Rachel is better with Lillian-- Lily and Emily share too many sounds.
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    Rachel... interesting. To be honest these are my DH's top picks as we can't seem to agree on anything, and I'm thinking one will grow on me.

    I probably like Emily best but feel it's too popular and worry about it sounding too similar to Lily, even if she did go by Em most of the time. (There's also an Emma in the family who is often called Em.)

    I thought Erica was quite timeless, but I guess not? Rachel doesn't seem dated?

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