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    I like it. Lovely and underused. I'm not a fan of Willa but I think Willa Marina is just fine.

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    When I was younger I had a neighbour named Marina. She wasn't my age, she was closer to my mother's age. I played with her kids.
    It is a beautiful name and it ages well.

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    I want to like Marina, but I don't. It makes me think of marinas. That's it. And it also, via some convoluted logic, increasingly makes me think of Marine Le Pen. And it's grey-green sea-weedy and flimsy at the same time. I don't know, something makes me hate it a bit, and want to like it all the same.

    I do like it as a middle name, though!

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    I love it. The sound, the sea connection, everything about it..
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    I love Marina! It's a beautiful name. Willa Marina is fine, though I agree with bibliophile that Willow Marina sounds better.
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