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    I love the name Marina! One of my childhood best friends is named Marina, so I have a soft spot for it. Maren is another of my favorites. Willa Maren works a bit better as a combo if you're committed to first name Willa, since Willa and Marina both end in A. (Repeated ending sounds don't always bother me, but it does sound a little redundant in this instance. Not terrible, though, if you really prefer Marina to an alternative.)

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    My husband and I are using Marina as a middle name for our daughter (due in December). She will be Anna Marina, "grace like the sea." I LOVE the name. I think it's unique and lovely, and we love the sea connection as well.
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    Marina is a great way to honor your dad. I don't care for it with Willa, it deserves to be up front and there's something I don't like about the combo. I agree with whoever it was that said they like Ashlyn Marina.
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    It's a great name and great connection. I'm the mom of a 4 year-old, so I do think of the Fresh Beat Band, but that's definitely not a a reason NOT to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deltawhisky View Post
    Great, underused name and more exotic that Mary/Maria. I don't think two names ending in "A" flow well though (wilLA/mariNA), so perhaps something similar would work like Maren or Mirren (which have sea meanings) or the scottish Murron. If you prefer Marina (and it IS gorgeous) I would pair it with Ashlyn from your list, e.g. Ashlyn Marina.x
    I agree. Marina is beautiful, more beautiful than Maren, Mirren or Murron.

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