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    Red face Chance CAF - dice, namebanks and details.


    Roll once for number of births.

    1) Roll the dice - odd = single, even = twins.
    2) Roll the dice (once for each twin if you have twins) - odd = girl, even = boy.
    3) Roll the dice twice for each birth and add the 2 numbers together to get his/her/their age. If you have 2 singles with the same age make them twins, if you have twins with the same age as a single make them triplets, etc.
    4) Roll the dice once for each first name and once for each middle name - choose from appropriate namebanks.
    5) Roll dice for each child's hair colour (you can choose if twins are identical or not.)
    6) Roll dice for each child's eye colour (you can choose if twins are identical or not.)
    7) Roll dice twice for each child, choose 1 personality trait from each appropriate list (i.e. 2 traits per child.)
    8) Roll dice twice for each child, choose 1 favourite thing from each appropriate list (i.e. 2 favourite things per child.)
    9) If you like, roll THIS dice once for each birth to find out their star sign (you can roll again if it doesn't work out mathematically with their ages) -
    10) Add any details you like!


    1 - Adeline, Emmeline, Caroline, Josephine, Isabelle, Annabelle, Bellerose, Norabel
    2 - Clea, Ariane, Marion, Ailsa, Maeve, Brenna, Rose, Lily
    3 - Emma, Beth, Megan, Lucy, Charlotte, Georgia, Sophia, Holly
    4 - Iona, Athena, Helena, Gaia, India, Moira, Lorna, Xanthe
    5 - Ashley, Chloe, Claudia, Heather, Sarah, Rebecca, Abbie, Rachel
    6 - Ruby, Eliza, Karen, Amy, Jenna, Hayley, Madeline, Eleanor
    7 - Penelope, Margaret, Seraphina, Willow, Georgiana, Catriona, Maisie, Scarlett
    8 - Harriet, Natalie, Molly, Emily, Isla, Ayla, Fiona, Jessamine


    1 - Angus, William, Lachlan, James, Christopher, Logan, Felix, Edward
    2 - Jasper, Tristan, Jonathan, Henry, Brandon, Scott, Martin, Joseph
    3 - Edmund, Leo, Ryan, Brennan, Carter, Oliver, Byron, Sam
    4 - Aidan, Marcus, Jack, Liam, Harry, Brody, Stellan, Zane
    5 - Lucas, Morgan, Rio, Eric, Nicholas, Thomas, Alistair, Max
    6 - Flynn, Killian, Elliot, Ivan, Nathan, Orlando, Caspar, Jason
    7 - Peter, David, Theo, Niall, Alan, Simon, Richard, Daniel
    8 - Isaac, Archer, Zachary, Ian, John, Felix, Silas, George


    1 - Light blonde
    2 - Dark blonde
    3 - Medium brown
    4 - Dark brown
    5 - Black
    6 - Ginger
    7 - Auburn
    8 - Your choice


    1 - Black
    2 - Your choice
    3 - Green
    4 - Your choice
    5 - Brown
    6 - Grey
    7 - Your choice
    8 - Blue


    1 - Kind, sweet, friendly, gentle
    2 - Brave, strong, resilient, steady
    3 - Clever, insightful, creative, witty
    4 - Calm, respectful, patient, observant
    5 - Cheerful, funny, optimistic, spirited
    6 - Stubborn, tenacious, selfish, proud
    7 - Quick-tempered, impatient, pessimistic, irrational
    8 - Bossy, loud, boastful, starts fights


    1 - Cats, dogs, horses, tortoises
    2 - Tigers, wolves, giraffes, elephants
    3 - Climbing trees, exploring, swimming, playing sport
    4 - Reading, movies, videogames, music
    5 - Collecting, fashion, writing, mathematics
    6 - Red, green, yellow, pink
    7 - Orange, purple, blue, glitter
    8 - Food, travel, shopping, history


    1 - Aries
    2 - Taurus
    3 - Gemini
    4 - Cancer
    5 - Leo
    6 - Virgo
    7 - Libra
    8 - Scorpio
    9 - Sagittarius
    10 - Capricorn
    11 - Aquarius
    12 - Pisces
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    11 - Gaia Lucy (dark brown hair, brown eyes)
    9 - Beth Ariane (medium brown hair, green eyes) & Maisie Karen (light blonde hair, black eyes)
    6 - Nathan Eric (dark brown hair, grey eyes) & Theo Richard (dark brown hair, grey eyes)
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    DS/DD (13): Jack Logan & Molly Rachel
    DS (12): Eric Oliver
    DD (9): Fiona Ashley
    DD/DD (8): Chloe Sophia & Rose Scarlett
    DD (7): Abbie Emma

    Jack Logan & Molly Rachel
    Jack & Molly are 13, Libras, and both have ginger hair and brown eyes. Jack is brave, stubborn, and loves climbing trees and playing sport - just being outside and getting dirty in general, really - whilst Molly is observant and prone to starting fights, using the things she notices to stir up trouble when she's bored. She loves indie music and the colour red.

    Eric Oliver
    Eric is 12, a Scorpio, and has medium brown hair and blue eyes. He is clever (and loud about it), and loves mathematics and exploring.

    Fiona Ashley
    Fiona is 9, an Aries, and has auburn hair and blue eyes. She is tenacious but incredibly creative, and loves reading and everything about tigers.

    Chloe Sophia & Rose Scarlett
    Chloe & Rose are 8, Libras like the older twins, and are (almost) identical, with dark blonde hair and green eyes. Chloe is proud but emotionally very strong, and loves wolves and travelling. Rose is more patient but also more bossy, and she loves horses and writing fiction.

    Abbie Emma
    Abbie is 7, an Aries, and has light blonde hair and brown eyes. She is quick-tempered but witty, and loves elephants and watching Disney movies, especially those that star animals.
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    Caspar Leo & Jessamine Eliza
    Caspar and Jessamine are 12, and Aries. Caspar and has black hair and grey eyes. Jessamine has ginger hair and grey eyes. Caspar is stubborn, tenacious, selfish, proud, and he loves cats, dogs, horses and tortoises- Jessamine is bossy, loud, boastful, starts fights and loves food, travel, shopping and history.

    Harriet Eleanor
    Harriet is 11, a Scorpio and has ginger hair and blue eyes. She is calm, respectful, patient, observant and loves range, purple, blue and glitter.

    Georgiana Megan, Karen Athena, Claudia Molly & Annabelle Scarlett
    Georgiana, Karen, Claudia Molly & Annabelle Scarlett are 9, Aries like Edmund and are identical. They have light blonde hair and blue eyes. Georgiana is bossy, loud, boastful, starts fights and loves red, green, yellow and pink. Karen on the other hand is kind, sweet, friendly, gentle and loves food, travel, shopping and history. Claudia is cheerful, funny, optimistic, spirited and loves collecting, fashion, writing, mathematics. Annabelle is calm, respectful, patient, observant and loves tigers, wolves, giraffes and elephants

    Niall George & Edmund Henry
    Niall and Edmund are 8, and Pisces, and are almost identical. They both have black hair, but Niall has blue eyes whilst Edmund's are green. Niall is calm, respectful, patient and observant and loves climbing trees, exploring, swimming and playing sport- Edmund is brave, strong, resilient and steady and loves cats, dogs and horses, tortoises.

    Simon Zane & Maisie Helena
    Simon and Maisie are 6 and are Cancer. Simon has light blonde hair and black eyes. Maisie has dark brown hair and green eyes. Simon is quick-tempered, impatient, pessimistic, irrational and loves cats, dogs, horses, tortoises- whilst Maisie is brave, strong, resilient, steady and loves food, travel, shopping, history.

    Elliott Stellan
    Elliot is 4, a Leo and has auburn hair and green eyes. He is clever, insightful, creative, witty and loves climbing trees, exploring, swimming and playing sport.

    Maeve Emily
    Maeve is 3 and a Taurus. She is brave, strong, resilient and steady, amd loves orange, purple, blue and glitter.

    Isla Xanthe & Marion Iona
    Isla and Marion are 7, and Saggitarius. Isla has black hair and blue eyes, and Marion has black hair and grey eyes. Isla is kind, sweet, friendly and gentle and loves collecting, fashion, writing, mathematics- whilst Marion is clever, insightful, creative and witty and loves climbing trees, exploring, swimming and playing sport.
    19. Directioner. Whovian. Name lover.

    Girls: Adelisa, Oriana, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Zoe, Genevieve, Annabel, Agnes, Jemima, Edith, Abigail, Adelaide, Eleanor, Henrietta, Tegan, Melody, River, Clara, Francesca

    Boys: Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, Adric, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn

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    DS/DD: Jack Leo and Annabel Isla (10)
    - ginger hair
    - blue eyes
    - brave, friendly, and sweet
    - loves collecting and the colour purple
    - ginger hair
    - blue eyes
    - funny, proud, and impatient
    - loves climbing trees and travel

    DS: Oliver Zane (8)
    - adopted
    - black hair
    - brown eyes
    - friendly, clever, and bossy
    - loves tigers and the colour red

    DD: Margaret Claudia (6)
    - light blonde hair
    - green eyes
    - sweet, irrational and starts fights
    - loves exploring and elephants

    DS/DD: Alistair Edmund and Helena Chloe (4)
    - medium brown hair
    - black eyes
    - gentle, creative and stubborn
    - loves reading and giraffes
    - black hair
    - green eyes
    - selfish, observant and optimistic
    - loves dogs and food
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