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    Welcome to the world my 3 little angels

    My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 5 years, with no luck. We desperately wanted a child, so turned to IVF. I am delighted to announce the birth of my THREE beautiful baby girls, 30th June/1st July 2013. It was a shock to find we were having three babies as we were expecting twins!!!!!

    Edith Hester Valentine--------30th June 11:45pm
    Kitty Flora Somerfield---------1st July 12:29pm
    Rosebud Aaliyah Victoria Bellemeane--1st July 1:56pm

    Edith and Rosebud are identical.

    Although I haven't been a "member" of Nameberrie with an account, I have been coming on almost everyday throughout my pregnancy, which helped me name all three of my girls. Edith and Kitty are named after their grandmothers. Rosebud is named after my late friend who passed away last year from cancer. The other names we were just in love with. Bellemeane is a name my husband created (don't ask me why, but it fits!)

    Love to all,


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    sorry, I meant 12:29am and 1:56am

    never been good at time.

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    Congratulations! (x3!!!)

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    Thank you so much! They're hard work but boy they're worth it (or should I say girl? )


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    Congrats! Three little girls sounds like a dream come true! Sweet names, too. Best of luck!

    EDIT: with the new realization that this is a lie, I withdraw my congratulations. Very disappointing.
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