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    Is Gaven Andrew too plain?

    Hey everyone!

    So Gaven (alternate spelling of Gavin) was the first boy name I ever fell in love with when I seriously began to think about baby names. I consulted with my husband and he liked it too, so we decided on Gaven Andrew for our first son.

    However, as the time when we will start TTC moves closer and closer (and as I've read all of the awesome, creative names you guys come up with!) I've become a little discontent with our choice. Is Gaven/Gavin now too popular to consider for someone who values unique-ness in a name? I know that Andrew is an extremely popular choice, but it is also my husband's first name so we would like to use it as a mn no matter what.

    If Gaven Andrew is too plain/boring, what would be some suggestions you have (sticking with Andrew as a middle)? We like strong, two syllable, manly names that also have at least a slight Scottish/Irish/Gaelic tinge, as that is my husband's heritage. A name with a good nickname would be a plus!
    (If it helps, the names I absolutely love for girls are Linden Aoife and Elowen Niamh.)

    Thank you!!

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    Hm. I don't know about name heritage, but I can list names that feel similar to Gaven to me.


    Also, I'd just stick with Gaven Andrew. Gaven is a great name, and in spite of the rampant creativity and uniqueness on this website, you don't need to be unique and creative to give your child a good, solid name. Gaven Andrew might be a 'safe' choice, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that; you and your husband obviously love it in it's entirety, so don't get too caught up trying to be different.
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    If you're looking for a unique name then yes, Gavin is too popular. If you use the name, please spell it Gavin.

    I think Roderick sounds great with Linden and Elowen. It's a syllable longer than you usually like but Roderick Andrew sounds great.
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    @celianne: From your suggestions, I like Gerard. The nameberry page calls it a grandpa name, but when I hear it I think of Gerard Butler, which is a very nice visual. Thanks for your advice! I think it's a bad sign for my future sanity that I'm already getting cold feet about a name and I'm not even pregnant yet!

    @scarletrune: I do like Roderick, but I'm not at all a fan of the nn Rod, which I know people would probably revert to. Somehow that's actually a characteristic of quite a few boy names that I like (Calhoun nn Cal, Donnell nn Don, etc.).

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    I would spell the name Gavin, firstly.

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