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Thread: Alice and Celia

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    I really don't think that most people would pick up on this. Perhaps if you gave someone a piece of paper with "Alice" and "Celia" written side by side...but even then...

    I think they go together nicely as sisters, as both are lovely vintage picks. And other than the fact that they're anagrams of each other, they really don't have anything else in common - different start and end sounds, different meanings, different syllable counts...

    If you're worried about it, perhaps Cecelia?

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    Alice and celia are geat together. I didn't see the connection at all until you mentioned it
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    First time poster, long time lurker! I agree with the above. They sound lovely together, and I didn't notice a thing until you pointed it out. Very classic and classy.

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    Thank you so much for all your considered responses!
    I was a little worried about the anagram thing....though perhaps only nameberry and English teachers will pick it up
    My husband actually likes Cecelia but I just think its a mouthful - Alice, Harry and Cecelia. Whereas I think Alice, Harry and Celia flow better.
    We can't use Sylvia as that's already taken in the extended family.
    I do quite like the literary references of our children's names, though it was in no way deliberate! There is very little plan for a 4th child so I'm hoping that wont be an issue later on.....!!

    Anyone else??
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    I love them together! And I agree with Ottilie, the three Brit lit names are a great sibset. I'm the type of person who almost always notices anagrams, but I didn't pick up on it at all.
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