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    I like the name Matilda, but it's more of a guilty pleasure for me. Personally, if I don't like a nickname, that turns me off on a name. The nickname Millie is what keeps me from loving the name.

    Try picturing what your daughter might look like and if you think it fits her then I think that will help you fall in love with it. Also, if you have a middle name picked out, try saying the full name out loud and maybe hearing it will help you decide if you want to use it.
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    Just read the book. Roald Dahl's book, that is. And looking at photos of little Matilda Ledger isn't a bad idea either...
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    Roald Dahl's book makes it awesome but I'm on the same page with you about Matilda, it just feels clunky to me? Which is weird because it's along the lines of other girls' names that I do like. Meh, it just doesn't do it for me. I feel the same about Tabitha.
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    I wish I could, mainly because I wish I could convince myself to love Matilda! I adore the nn Tilly and it seems like such a quirky and lovely FN, but there's just something lacking. I can't get behind it. I wish I could, because I'd love to have Tilly on my list! Although, maybe it's a good thing, because I obviously can't have a Lily and a Tilly...
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