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    Question Is the world ready for first name Hypatia?

    I figure people are using Athena, so why not this awesome namesake? I know most Berries would support it as a mn but how about a first? So far feedback is heck no and that it is too close to "hippo" (which I disagree with...) WDYT?

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    Love it! I'd be overjoyed to meet a little Hypatia. Such an awesome namesake.
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    I knew a Hypatia in elementary school. She went by the nickname Patty. I could definitely see it and has such a rich heritage. I'm not sure if it's on Pam and Linda's e-book Off the Grid but it should.
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    Sure, why not? Some people will hate it of course, but who cares what they think? I say if you're brave enough, go for it. "Out there" names doesn't be "usable" until someone is brave enough to use it first.

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    I can't speak for the world, but I'm certainly ready to meet someone with the first name Hypatia.
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