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    Quote Originally Posted by catreynolds View Post
    I think a lot of people get attached to a name they wish THEY had, usually sometime around age 12-13, and then never really let go of it or think any more about it. That is the story behind at least three of the little MacKenzies I've met, anyway.
    Lol, yeah I've seen this. THANK GOODNESS I'm not committed to the names my 13 year old self would have picked. My kids would be named Destinee, Cambra, and Kika. I kid you not. Of course, my 13 year old self never entertained the notion that I might have a boy!
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    My parents did this too. I pretty sure my mom got both our names from friend's/acquaintances' children. She just heard them and decided she liked them and that was that. She definitely doesn't regret my sister's name (Kaylee) because she gets complimented on it all the time but I think she regrets mine a little bit. Mostly because I give her so much crap about it, and partly because its not "cute" or "different" like Kaylee or her new favorite, Jayden. As you can see, name-nerdiness is not genetic.
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    I know the forum/thread you're talking about, and it terrifies me. It must be an awful feeling to look at your child and have such deep regret/guilt over their name. I have been feeling panicky lately trying to choose a baby name and reading that stuff did not help! I honestly think she sounds like someone that would feel that way no matter how much time and effort went into choosing the name.

    It sounds like name regret isn't all that common, based on comments here, so that's reassuring. Sometimes I wonder if I (and others) go too much the other way and put too much thought into choosing a name...
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    I think it's unfortunately very true that many non name nerds don't put nearly as much thought into naming their children as Berries! There was a thread a while back asking if choosing a top ten name could be considered "lazy". The responses were overwhelmingly NO, but I kind of think it can be. Sometimes people just look at a top fifty list, write down a few names, then choose one. Or they do as my friend did and think..."Well, I like Emily, Madison and Sophie...let's choose Sophie." That was literally the extent of her baby naming process. I mean, Sophie is a cute name, but I've got baby name lists a mile long and am always searching for new additions to ensure I select the perfect name for each of my children! Doing as my friend and this woman did is not necessarily BAD, but rather disappointing in the eyes of a name nerd, and can lead to name regret, such as in this woman's case.
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    I relate to tintri's perspective 100%, and it bothers me that some people do not put much effort into naming their children.
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