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    Middle names for Anna and Annabel

    Still trying to decide on Anna or Annabel for dd #2. I'm starting to really fall for Anna, but I want to call her Annie when she's little. Thus, Annabel provides more nn potential. I'm trying to think of middle names for both. Perhaps the perfect middle name would help me decide! Here's what we've thought of so far:

    For Annabel:
    Annabel Kate (worried about Kate not being a formal name, but Catherine sounds like too much with Annabel)

    For Anna:
    Anna Rose (think it's a pretty combo, but I know Rose has been done to death as a middle name)

    Anna Charlotte (I like the name Charlotte and like the combo. But Charlotte is so popular as well.)

    Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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    Anna Charlotte or Anna Catherine are great! I think Annie is a perfect nn for Anna. In fact, Anna nn Annie is one of my all-time classic favorites.

    A few more that go with Anna

    Anna Cecelia
    Anna Violet
    Anna Felice
    Anna Joy

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    Seconding Anna Catherine! Anna Cecilia is lovely, too. I agree that Annie could just as easily be a nickname for Anna--and I much prefer Anna to Annabel.
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    I love Annabel Kate!
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