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  • Mabel "Barch"

    32 27.59%
  • Rory "Barch"

    8 6.90%
  • Isla "Barch"

    38 32.76%
  • Norah "Barch"

    38 32.76%
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    Would love your vote! :)

    Hello all! Hubby and I have narrowed down to four names, and would love a quick vote from you!

    Our last name rhymes with March, but starts with a B.

    Middle names are already set and won't be changing. She's going to get the double middle of "Adeline Alice" after our grandmothers. We know its quite a mouthful so flow with them isn't super important. It means more to us to include them.

    Thanks for your vote!

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    I love Mabel Adeline Alice and Rory Adeline Alice. I voted for Rory because I thought that the three names together really rounded each other out nicely. And Rory is beautiful.
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    All your choices are beautiful! I really love the name Isla, it would have been my favorite off your list but if you didn't pick Adeline Alice for middle name - too many "a"-s together. ETA: Just noticed you mentioned the flow isn't that important. If so, Isla is my top pick from your list.
    But Rory Adeline Alice has the best flow if you would like to know my opinion about it anyway.
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    I love Mabel Adeline Alice, but I think Norah Barch and Isla Barch sound better than Mabel Barch. I'm torn!
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    I like all of them. To me, Mabel sounds old-fashioned, Rory is modern and unisex, Isla is soft and pretty and Norah is sweet and classic (I prefer Nora without the h though).

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