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    I like Eowyn- unique so ppl will ask for spelling in either case and also very nice sound. I dont mind hard to spell names when they are uncommon

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    Let me just say what everyone is thinking.. These spellings are horrendous.... Too tryndee and they just look lile you can't spell.. Sorry i am not trying to be rude... That being said the best one is Finley...

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    I would choose Finley Grace or Teagan Lily. I have to agree with bluesparrow regarding some of the spellings.
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    I love Annistyn Kate. She will be nicknamed Anna though. I also like Finley Grace.

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    Eowyn Nicole!
    The name is both feminine and cool at the same time.
    I'd say the others are a bit peculiar for me - what if your child have more average tastes? It might be a bit much for them.


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