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    Faye is one of my favourite names. I don't know why you'd receive backlash for it, to be honest. I think it's beautiful.
    As for a middle name though, I think it would be best to use a name with more then one syllable, to help with the flow. A lot of marinadancel17's suggestions are really lovely.
    c a r a

    Francesca ‘Frankie' Violet
    Arden Lux
    Lucia Sage
    Zosia Faye
    Odessa Violet
    Ramona Anais
    Romilly Harper
    Allegra Fable
    Saskia Willow

    Dashiell Robin
    Rowan Frederick
    Arlo Bastien
    Cedric Archer
    Ike Olivier
    James ‘Jem’ Orion
    Leo Cesare
    Asa Roman

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    Maybe I'm the odd one out here, but I see no reason why you'd get backlash for I missing something? What's the problem with it? I think that its adorably vintage and totally ready for a comeback. Also, I know if I were a little girl and found out my name meant fairy I would have been thrilled! It is also my niece's middle name so maybe I'm biased. She is Emma Faye, which I think is sweet.

    I agree that a longer middle name would be a good choice, especially if you want to use a part time double name. My faves:

    Faye Charlotte
    Faye Caroline
    Faye Annabel

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    I love Faye! It's one of my top names right now. I'm considering Faye Margot, Faye Elinor or Faye Robin

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    I love Faye- I even like the fairy connection, i dont think people call homosexuals fairies anymore do they?? even if they did i think Faye is a bit of a leap - I would have been happy to have the name.
    Some suggestions:

    Faye Lillian
    Faye Laurel (I think names starting with L go really nice with Faye such as Louise suggested)
    Faye Elizabeth
    Faye Olivia
    Faye Louisa
    Faye Rose

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