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  • Audrey

    19 36.54%
  • Madeleine

    33 63.46%
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    I prefer Audrey but I think they are both beautiful choices. I agree with the poster that said they both have that old-school Hollywood glamour sound to them. I think Audrey and Isabelle make the sweetest sibset. Madeleine and Isabelle sound nice together too but it's almost a little expected.

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    I prefer Audrey, but I just saw that you have a 2 syllable surname beginning with an E. I think I'd go with Madeleine, then... Audrey may slur...
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    I prefer Madeleine with Isabelle .The only problem is that both are french names so if you have a third DD you must to choose another french name so she want feel left out but if that doesnt bother you Madeleine is a wonderful choise .Audrey is ok ,nothing special .
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    Yes, I tend to agree that Madeleine is almost expected as a sibling for Isabelle. I think Audrey is sweet, but Madeleine is a lot more interesting for me. I feel Audrey is a little dry.
    Thank you all for your input.

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    I love both names. A douple name like Audrey-Madeleine or Madeleine-Audrey would be a dream for me! But you can't go wrong either way.

    I'd pick Audrey in the end. I feel Madelelne would be more troubling as a first name — it would get mispronounced/mispelt constantly; it will probably get shortened to Maddy unless you pick a different nickname; it's much more popular with all the different variants around + similarity to the popular Madison.
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