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    Is Charlotte too trendy?

    I love the nn Lottie, but don't know if Charlotte is getting too popular at this point. Thoughts?

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    Charlotte is popular (in numbers anyway I don't know many) but not trendy. It's far to of a classic name to be classed as trendy. The nn Lottie is so sweet and almost never used so it will make your Charlotte stand out from the others.
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    Charlotte is perennially popular, in that it experiences peaks but even when not peaking remains constantly in frequent use. I'd put it more as a timeless classic than as trendy. Lottie is adorable and most Charlottes I know don't use it, so if that represents the Charlotte population I'd put it down to 1 in 10 being Lotties, which is good odds for your Lottie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelliedellie View Post
    Charlotte is popular (in numbers anyway I don't know many) but not trendy. It's far to of a classic name to be classed as trendy.
    I completely agree with this - Charlotte will never be trendy because she's such a classic name, and I think calling her Lottie will make her stand out from her peers because it's not a nickname I've heard used in real life (I've read about it in books, though).
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    Charlotte is timeless, elegant, and beautiful. It's a name that appeals to parents with a variety of naming styles, which accounts for Charlotte's current popularity.

    In 2011, there were 6,365 Charlottes born in the US. Divide that by 50 and you have about 127 Charlottes per state. It isn't as popular as it might appear if you're only looking at rankings rather than number of births.

    Using Lottie as the nickname would stand out. Most parents using a nickname for Charlotte are likely using Charlie.
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