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    Banned Baby Names

    Wow, I was reading an interesting topic on the web today about Banned Baby Names.

    Did you know in some countries names like Gabriel, Hermione, Rocky and Maya are Banned? If I want to name my future baby Bear or Apple it should be up to me.

    Does anyone know of any other Banned Baby Names? Also, the reasons why they are Banned? This should be interesting.....

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    I think, on the whole, name laws are a wonderful thing. In most countries, name laws are in place to protect the integrity of the child, not to stifle the parents. Other countries have laws for names in order to protect the language. As far as I've read, almost every country with name laws also have an appeal process, or exemptions for non-nationals. For example, in Portugal, they have a list of names that are approved. You can petition to use a name that is not on the list, and if one or both parents are born outside of Portugal, I think they are exempt from naming their child a name that is in accordance with the Portuguese language construction. This list is here, if you're interested:

    In Spain, their law is just that the name can't compromise the dignity of the child, so no insulting words/names can be used. Names can't lead to confusion regarding the sex of the person, and I believe this is because the language has gendered nouns, whereas in English we don't have that and it can be quite difficult for unilingual English speakers to see why this law is in place. Keep in mind, there are still many names that can be used on both boys and girls. Prior to 2007, no diminutive name could be used as the full legal name, with some exceptions. Now, diminutives can be registered as the legal name. So, name laws can be changed to evolve with the generations and language. I taught girls with names from Nekane, Garazi, and Ainhoa to Claudia, Miriam, and Erika, and boys named Inaxio, Aitzol, and Suharri, to Pablo, Sebastián, and Jon.

    I'm very much pro-name law, of course, provided it is not dictator-y. I mean, when Spain was under Franco, names given were only allowed to be Christian, and Castillian. Even surnames were translated from the many regional languages in to Castillian. There's a law in place now to legally change it back, which I think is fantastic, and necessary. Name laws are not all bad.
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    I have no problem with name laws. In fact, the US has some, usually state mandated, like no symbols in the name, no obscenity, and max number of characters for the name. I really respect countries that try to keep names strictly to those that work in their language or culture.

    Imo, people take the freedom to name too far at times, like the child named Adolph Hitler. I don't know why it's such a scary idea. So many would prefer that people have the ability to use names that are religiously offensive to others rather than say, "these 5 names may impact the child's future in a negative way due to bullying or not being hired, so let's not use them." There are still thousands of other non-offensive names ready to be used. However, the US is a more pro-parent culture than pro child-rights compared to many countries. Look at the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the US help draft it, but we are one of the last countries (besides South Sudan and Somalia) to ratify it and there are doubts we ever will.
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    I just ran across that article today myself! It was interesting.
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