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    All Time Favorites Anyone?

    Now we all spent lots of time creating and editing our name lists, but does anyone have an all-time favorite name?
    They're not easy to come by but some people are fortunate enough to do so.
    What are your all-time favorites? Boys or girls, or one of each. Throw em out there!

    My all-time favorite boys name is Kavanaugh. I don't have one for girls though.

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    Pandora and Phoenix have been favourites of mine for ages. Pandora is still my favourite name, but Phoenix has slipped to 2nd favourite for a boy. I'm still hoping to use it if I (fingers crossed) have more than one someday.
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    Finn for boys, but I don't have one for girls.
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    My all time favourite girls name is Momo, and my all time favourite boys name is Dossie. They both have a lot of personal meaning, are honorary without being overly obvious, and the literal meanings of the names are beautiful as well. I have them in the combination of Momo Flora and Dossie Roland, which are two other names that have a lot of meaning to me and that I simply adore.
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    My all time favourites are the ones that have always appeared on my lists without fail, for more than 2 years;

    Martha, Florence, Emma, Beatrice, Lily, Lillian, Violet, Imogen, Amelia, Phoebe, Alice, Freya, Eleanor, Harriet, Elsie, Ella, Annabelle, Louise, Laura, & Lucy

    James, Henry, Louis, Matthew, Adam, Michael, Jamie, Liam, Daniel, Connor, Callum, Andrew, Joseph, Nicholas, Christopher, Mark, Kieran & Patrick

    From those, my all time favourites would be Martha/Florence, and Matthew/Christopher.
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    Florence, Edith, Doris, Alice, Elsie, Lillian, Violet, Mabel, Ada, Evelyn
    Eva, Edna, Minnie, Martha, Amelia, Phoebe, Sylvia, Hazel, Agatha, Beatrice

    Matthew, Ernest, Louis, Christopher, Andrew, Albert, George, Joshua, James, Harry
    Freddie, Henry, Adam, Teddy, Daniel, Percy, Mark, Walter, Stanley, Liam

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