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    People with Popular Names only! Does it bother you?

    This is for Ashley, Jennifer, Kevin, Jessica, Michael, James, Emily, John, Max, Sarah, or any other very common name. Does it bother you that there are so many people with your name? Did you hate having to be called "Jessica B." because there were 4 Jessica's in your class? Do you like it because your name is easily recognized and rarely mispronounced?
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    My name is Hannah and I always hate being called "Hannah W." I'm a Sophomore in high school now and there are still so many Hannahs in my graduating class. My parents were going to name me Eleanor or Ellen and call me "Ellie" but that didn't work out; I wish it did though.
    My middle name is also quiet popular, Madison. I know a lot of Madisons who go by Maddie. I was given the choice in Kindergarten to be called Maddie or Hannah (my family called me both) so I don't think I could have ever escaped that popular name thing.
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    Well, first off, my name is Sara, so it is constantly being misspelled by adding an "h", but that is for another time.

    All throughout grade school and high school I was never the only Sara(h) in any of my classes. (Although for some reason I have yet to meet another Sara(h) in college, but I go to a very small college) It did annoy me because I knew girls with cool names like Alexa, Tabitha, Jasmine, Paige, and Krystal. But looking back, I am glad I have a more traditional/popular name that will last my entire life time. I enjoy telling people my name means "princess", as opposed to, for example, Tabitha which means "gazelle"; I feel like most of the common names have good meanings, so it makes up for the popularity problem. But if I had it my way, I would have wanted my name to be a little less common. Everyone likes a few names that are popular so if you really like a name and it has a positive feeling associated with it then go ahead and name your child whatever you want. Popular names are popular for a reason!

    My mother was in love with the name Sara since she was young and nothing was going to change her mind.
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    Yes! I hated being one of many Jennifers at my school. My middle name, Lynn, is also common AND my last name is one of the top 10 last names in the US. At my college, there was another woman with the exact first middle and last name as me. I am so happy I can finally change my last name in June. That's why I wanted an uncommon name for my daughter. Also, having a common name doesn't help with spelling. I have people ask whether there are 1 or 2 n's.
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    My name wasn't very popular the year I was born but it didn't stop the fact that in Secondary/High School there would be 3 Tara's, we were all friends, our friends all crossed over and we even sat together at lunch and all had the same class in P.E. While the teachers did call me Tara.L and most other people outside me friends referred to me as Tara.L it never really bothered me. We never got confused to which Tara our friends were talking to and only Tara.G only seemed a little bothered by sharing her name, she tried and failed to go by the nickname Taz.

    But after school and moving to Australia, I have yet to meet another Tara. I think it was mainly a fluke that there were 3 people with the name when I was at school, now at work I am the only person with my name in the workplace.

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