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    Do you consider yourself a very picky namer? What are your naming pet peeves?

    I'm not THAT picky because I like many, many names and all different types of names. I think I'm more open-minded about names than the average person, that being said...

    1) I am just a little against (o.k. I'm pretty against) using very masculine names (James, David, Jacob, Richard) on girls. I'm o.k. with some name crossovers but I must admit that I eye still twitches whenever I hear that someone named their daughter David Alexander(which is a dashing combo for a boy), I mean did they want a boy?

    2) Names like abcde are not names, they are just ridiculous. Names like Luxx, Ahmiracle, Laquishria, Money, Younique, and others should not exist, they are not real names imo. Parents can name their kid whatever they want but seriously, some parents need to get their brains examined. I just don't made-up, trashy names that don't even sound real or are related to a good fictional character.

    3) I dislike kre8ive spellings that are very extreme. Why spell your daughters name Caaeylliey when you can name her Kaylee or Kayleigh or something a bit less ridiculous or difficult.

    4) On the other side of the spectrum, I don't like it when people call a name that is real and even has a meaning and history and sounds fairly normal ridiculous. For some people a name like Mary or Rose is already rocking the boat, that seems so close-minded to me. I remember reading someone say that Adler(German for eagle, and a real if uncommon name) was ridiculous, I mean, you don't have to like it but it is a crazy name or anything like that. Another person said that Jane is a crazy choice for a modern girl, seriously.

    5) Another pet peeve is when people want to force their opinions on others. O.k. you don't like Aiden but please it is still a normal sounding name and popular for a reason, why do you constantly have to trash it and say that people should never choose it? Now, if someone is going to name their son Lamoniquia-Lola then everyone should attempt to talk them out of it, for the child's sake.Oh and when people are rude about their opinions, they are opinions, not fact.

    Confession time : I prefer Vanellope/Venelope to Penelope because I'm Hispanic and the first four letters of Penelope is actually a certain male body part so you can see why I'd never choose it. I like the sound though ,and the character from Wreck-it-Ralph. How is Penelope fine but Vanellope ridiculous? They sound nearly identical and I honestly think Vanellope looks better too. At least it sounds like a classic name. I'm not saying I like Bloodrayne(which is sort of cool but not good for a child imo) or Katniss (and I read the Hunger Games, the name is cool but doesn't fit a real person and has some teasing potential). There are some other names that I like but I'm afraid to say so because I'm probably going to get criticized, don't worry I don't like names like Buttrisha or Artaquesha or Engelbert and Dorkish. I do like some strange but real names and names of characters in movies and books but they are usually more normal sounding.

    Sooo I think those are my main pet peeves, what are yours? I do think that I'm not too picky, I like A LOT of names. Do you think you're really picky? Do you have any confessions (name confessions, of course lol)?
    20 years, male, no kids
    Here are a few of my (admittedly many) current favorites:
    David, Caleb, Aaron, Ambrose, Joseph, James, Abram, Luke, Adam, Jasper, Leo, Ezra
    Amber, Rebekah, Elizabeth, Lorelei, Juliette, Sabrina, Claire, Vivienne, Vanessa
    Pretty much I like all types of names from the traditional to the exotic.

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