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Thread: Kell Andrew

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    Smile Kell Andrew

    We have a two-syllable English last name and are considering the names (first and middle respectively) Kell Andrew.

    We've mentioned Kell as a first name and heard a lot of Kale? Cal? or just Kell? Kell? Kell? It doesn't sound too exotic to me, but things come across differently to different people.

    What do you think?

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    It sounds like "kill Andrew."
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    Hmm, my first thought is that the first and middle run into each other, and it sounds like Kelan Drew, Kelan being a name I've actually heard. It's Irish I believe. Yes, here's Kelan:

    Second thought was that it sounds a lot like kill; and finally, that it reminds me of Kal-El (Superman). None of these thoughts are important if they don't matter to you, they're just passing thoughts someone may think when they hear your sons name.

    I can see the appeal of Kell, but it sounds a little too much like a nickname. I'd personally find a name that Kell could be a nickname for if you really want to use Kell, or else find names that feel similar.

    Kell Nickname Names:


    Similar Sounding Names:

    Chiron / Kheiron
    Killian / Cillian
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    Caspian Wilder ☀ Conrad Elessar ☀ Damian Sparrow ☀ Desmond Thorn ☀ Evander Hart ☀ Everett Ward ☀ Gwydion Alaric ☀ Malachi Bjorn ☀ Peregrine Llyr ☀ Theodore Winter

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    I really like Kellen/Kellan, but not too sure about Kell. Of course Kellen + Andrew + a 2-syllable last name doesn't have the best flow....

    Cole or Cael would be nice.
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    Kell seems a bit of a middle name short of Kelly or other Kel- sounding longer names. I'd go longer by going by a last name like Kelvin. Alone it does seem a bit affected. I'm not sure what your last name's first initial is. With Andrew or any other vowel starting middle name, I'd take a second look at the initials (ex. KAD or KAT).
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