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    If you like weird ones....

    I have revamped my short lists. If you havent seen any of my previous posts, I like names most would consider weird, bold, or offbeat. That was your warning, lol. They are in order of favorite to least:

    Goldenrod Leonie - thank you berries for helping me settle on a middle.
    Mazarine Io - this is an old love revived. I love the Mazarine Blue butterfly and the whole mythos associated with butterflies.
    Verbena Boheme - is this too "b" heavy? I love the two individually and they write great together. Thoughts?
    Elm Imogen - I'm trying to move away from trees and into other flora and fauna, but this one stays.
    Freesia Genevieve - another old love revived
    Fig Bedelia - used to be my favorite, but given some thought on some of the associations the name may have, it has moved down. Note: Fig is thisclose to switching places with Sweetbriar on my GP list. How do you feel about Sweetbriar Bedelia?
    Chrysanthemum Harper - I will never understand the "too long" argument. It has the same syllables as the über popular Isabella.
    Plum Araminta - too much flavor?

    Yarrow Barnaby - Yarrow has been on and off of the list for years. I love the sound, herb, and meaning. Barnaby is a new love and seems to flow well.
    Thistle Dorian - is Thistle too feminine?
    Sol Aurelius - basically means glowing, golden sun. Love it.
    Peregrine Ambrose - too fusty?
    Huckleberry Iver - I love love love Huckleberry. Is it wearable iyo?
    Carnelian Ptolemy - the only gemstone and it is on a boy. Thoughts?
    Hawthorn Otis - See Elm
    Arum Theodore - too close to Aaron?
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