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    I like Lennox and Flynn. But... I know a little boy named Lennox which is probably why I like it and Flynn is just dashing! I will probably have to go with FLYNN on this one. I just love the vibe it gives off and I can picture it on a baby, child and adult easily. Lennox is nice but its a rough name overall. Especially with the X ending.
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    I'd go with Lennox or Flynn. Ellis' nickname would likely be Elle which is going for the feminine side. I'm curious to know what sort of last name in terms of first initial and number of syllables to work with to balance things out.
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    Flynn is so cute. I know of a few girls named Ellis and I think Lennox is cute but Flynn will age better.
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    Love Lennox and Flynn. Flynn also makes a great middle name, e.g. Ellis Flynn.
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    Love Ellis as a boys name. My psychology teacher has a son named Ellis who's around 18 or 19, and things have gone well for him.
    Lennox is too trendy for my tastes, and Flynn just isn't as appealing to me as Ellis.

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