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    Help with my girl name list!!

    I am looking for girl names that aren't exactly made up but aren't that common (hey, aren't we all?). I'd like to avoid the -ia, -a, -ana type endings although they don't automatically rule any name out because there are only a few sounds that go well with out last name. It is short, begins in N so -ille, -s and -n/-ne names are hard to pronounce or make an unflattering sound! Below are some of my faves and why I love them -- if there are any you like, please comment! Middle name ideas accepted also (:

    Pros: It has a less common female name ending, which helps in avoiding –ia, -a, -ana endings.
    Cons: Biblical/Myth reference – but we don’t buy into it or care. Lily nn :/
    Pros: Clearly feminine, a former classic name. DH likes “Ginny” bc of harry potter and forrest gump references.
    Cons: Sometimes a pet name :/ Would be problematic if we somehow have a redhead.
    Pros: Latin name, means light. DD1 has a name with a latin translation also. Literary reference (virgin suicides – not exactly a happy reference, however).
    Cons: A LOT more uncommon than DD1's name or the other names on the list. For me, this is also a pro though.
    Pros: A French female name, not common at all. Author Namesake. NN ellie, ella.
    Cons: May get confused with Eliot, loses some appeal when not seen written.
    Pros: Not quite Elizabeth, not quite Isabella, but retains much of the beauty of these names.
    Cons: May get confused for either of the more common names it is comprised of.
    Pros: LOVE V names. This is the least common out of violet, violetta, viola etc while still meaning purple. NN Lainey.
    Cons: It ends in an N sound and our last name begins with N, so there would have to be a strained pause between enunciations. BUT! For this name I’m willing to sacrifice flow
    Pros: “Genny,” “Evie,” “Eva” NNs. Very flowy and uncommon.
    Cons: Not many..
    Pros: Uncommon, NN Ellie. Also, purported to mean light.
    Cons: Possibly difficult to pronounce, but people butcher DD1s name and my name all the time. We're used to it.
    Pros: Beautiful floral name that avoids –a, -ia etc endings.
    Cons: My daughter's middle name is Rose – this is another “version”… don’t know how I feel about that.
    Pros: Long, not incredibly common in the US.
    Cons: It sounds almost like a male name, Manuel.
    Pros: Feminine, often used in the Cajun community in previous generations (so a nod to my heritage) but not common now. LOTS of NN possibilities
    Cons: A mouthful of a name!

    What do you guys think of when you hear these names? Good, bad? Old lady? (:

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    I love Lilith & Geneva
    Leigh : Brynn : Shea : Gemma
    Miles : Dean : Gavin : Evan

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    Lux, Eliora, and Evangelina are beautiful names. Lux is spunky, and Eliora could be shortened to Lia or Liora. And Evangelina has many different nicknames that could be used!

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    Love Evangelina and Emmanuelle! (even though I'm seldom a fan of E names)

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    I like Ginger and Geneva. The others are nice, but a bit overly feminine for my taste. Excepting Lux, obviously, which is a name I secretly love but can't get behind using =/

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